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Queen Nefertari Tomb was opened for visits on 1st of November, 2016.  Most new decisions as in prices updates and openings of more Ancient Egyptian Sites takes place by early November of each year.  In 2016, the decision of opening the tomb of Queen Nefertari for the public was one of the best decisions made by the supreme council of antiquities in Egypt.  The entrance ticket to the tomb alone is steep when compared to other neighboring tombs, but when compared to ancient monuments globally, it is an acceptable price.  On the other hand, could also be a great discounted price for what was before an EGP20,000 cost for private visits, which was also a bit exclusive.  EGP20,000 was the equivalent of USD$2200 approximately in 2016.  Now the entrance fee is only EGP1000 (equivalent of USD$56), which is five times the entrance fees to the Great Pyramids of Khufu in Giza is EGP200 (fives times).

5 Reasons who should visit Queen Nefertari and Village of the Artisans Luxor.

  1. If you have visited Luxor before and already been to the major highlights of both the East and West Banks.
  2. Art students and for all art appreciating travelers, who wish to witness the brightness and the great palette of colors used by the Ancient Egyptian civilization and how those colors could survive so brightly for such a long period of time.  Also you might wish to consider this trip,
  3. If you are interested to visit sites are newly and freshly opened or if you have visiting.
  4. Anyone curious to witness some ancient bright use of colors.
  5. Learn about the abandoned sustainable ancient Egyptian villages.

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