Luxor, Egypt


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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 2 hrs
Maximum number of people: 10
Location: Luxor


Flying over the landscapes of the capital of oldest civilization in the world is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Once up in the air the views and the colors are just breathtaking.  It’s your only option to witness the Ancient Egyptian monuments from the sky as close as you could get.  For soon, you will also be able to fly over the Pyramids of Giza in a Tandem Paramotor.

Morning Flights including pick up and drop from your hotel in Luxor.  Return to your hotel before breakfast.

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04:00 am Be ready at your hotel lobby. Our van will pick you up and drop you back right before breakfast. We fly early in the morning allowing you a full day to still visit your favorite destinations in Luxor.

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