Al Fayoum Egypt


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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 10 hrs
Maximum number of people: 10
Location: Egypt, Fayoum

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Bird watching in Fayoum is one of the popular activities in Egypt.

In fact, Fayoum’s oasis is a wonderful bird watching destination. Birds migrate to the oasis for the plants and the waters of Qarun’s lake, the lake is the largest saltwater lake in Egypt imagine that!

In Fayoum birds like Greater Flamingo , coots, ducks, and shorebirds exist during winter.

Within the southwestern part of Fayoum, a beautiful magical place exists called  “Wadi El Rayan”.

Wadi El Rayan’s Waterfalls are considered to be the largest waterfalls in Egypt.

So, you would get to enjoy the beauty of both worlds wetlands and desert habitats and have the best bird watching experience in both!

Tour’s Location

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Tour’s Program

Our One Day Trip Package includes:
Exploring and Bird Watching At Al Fayoum’s Qarun Lake And The Rayan Valley which is known as “Wadi El Rayan”.

Duration: (10 Hours)
Time: (6:45 am to 4:00 pm)

What to expect:
-Exploring Al Fayoum’s top attraction Qarun lake and Rayan Valley.
-Bird watching and getting to see both wetland birds and desert birds in one trip.
-Lunch and tea at the beautiful Zowara ecolodge.

The plan:
6:45 am -We are going to be departing from Cairo.
8:30 am- Bird watching wetland birds at Qarun Lake.
11:00 am- Bird watching desert birds and tea time at Zowara ecolodge.
12:00 pm- Lunch at Zowara ecolodge.
2:00 pm- More bird watching at Rayan Valley waterfall.
4:00 pm- Departing to Cairo.

What you Need for your Trip:
1-Sunglasses and a cap.
2-Don't forget to bring warm clothes or a scarf for the early morning cold breeze.
3-Shoes for walking in the mud (optional).
4-Bring your own binoculars to get a closer look at the birds
6-Water and some snacks you would enjoy during the trip.

Trip Fees : 181 $ per person for 2 Pax- 4 Pax
Trip fees include transportation, Bird watching guide,Nature Photography tips and lunch at Zowara ecolodge.

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