Sheikh Zayed, Waslet Dahshour Road


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Tour type: Specific Date
Maximum number of people: 5
Location: Cairo



This is a complete course offering excellent value for Beginners. Progressing through a series of exercises that start at the bottom of the hill and work up.
On your first day, you will learn ground control, inflating the canopy, walking it along the ground steering left and right, a little like flying a large kite.
You should be flying solo by the end of the day. Once in control of your Glider, you can progress up the hill in stages, from level flights, straight at first then with some turns, then higher flights with controlled takeoffs turn and spot landings.
Training days do not have to be taken consecutively but must be taken within one year.
This marks a recognized level of competence skills, with some theory you now have ELEMENTARY PARAGLIDER

The topic of the course content:

Wing Aero Dynamics
Flying theory
How to read the weather
Site Analysis
How to control the wing on Ground?
How to control the wing in the Air?
Landing Approach

And more of an exciting subject to learn during the course

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