Appolonia, Marsa Alam, Egypt


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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 11hrs
Maximum number of people: 8
Location: Marsa Alam


Full Day Trip in Wadi El Gemal National Park in Marsa Alam. The area characterized by its Roman Ghost Cities. Also prominent by its environment with a great range of flora and fauna.The valley considered one of the largest in the Red Sea Mountain region between the Nile and the Red Sea. Such a particular area of Egypt with very restricted information up till today. This peculiar day trip offers you inclusion of Safari and Trekking to engage you with the hidden gems of the park. An interesting paradox offering a sincere day in a not crowded yet trendy National Reserve. Get you out of your familiar world to a side of the unfamiliar almost untouched world in the longest-running nation on Earth.
  • Pick-up at your hotel in or around Wadi El Gemal Park. (Free pick up from hotels South of Marsa Alam and North of Wadi El Gemal Park).
  • Get in 4×4 cars to the Protected National Park.
  • After a descent off road jeep drive from the entrance, stop at Kab El Khawara for a scenic view of Wadi El Gemal.
  • From Kab El Khawara drive off road 40 more km to start a hike of 5 km. Our team will lead you through the hike to reach the Ancient Roman Ghost City of Appolonia. Walk through the wreck and travel back in time to envisage as well as learn about the lifestyle of Roman engineers and labor in the mining industry.
  • Stop by for lunch after the hike. A full course meal containing Local Bedouin Bread backed fresh with the Ababda style. Followed by BBQ chicken and a green salad. After lunch have some fresh fruits for dessert together with Gabana local coffee grilled in front of you.
  • Wadi El Gemal is home to a Bedouin tribe called Ababda. On the west and closer to the mountains, they live as shepherds and camel breeders. The tribe has been living in harmony with nature and has preserved their cultural heritage of music, dance and culinary art to a great level. Sill in our modern world their exist communities that still respect nature fully and live while leaving intact.
  • Move forward subsequently to Qulaan Beach Settlement. Time to sit by the beach and enjoy a relaxed evening in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Tour’s Location

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Tour’s Program

07:oo Pick up from the hotel. Please note if your hotel is not listed below, a pickup fee will apply.
08:30 Drive off road for an Eastern Desert Off-Road experience.
10:00 Stop at Kab El Khawara for a panoramic view of Wadi El Gemal then start hiking to Appolonia.
12:30 Reach Appolonia.
13:00 Lunch.
15:00 Head to Qulaan Beach Settlement.
18:00 Drop off at your hotel.
(Please note hotel pick up time and drop off depends on your hotel distance from Protected Park entrance. above is estimated at a max. of 50kms one way distance).

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