The Siwa Oasis or in Berber languages: Isiwan, ⵉⵙⵉⵡⴰⵏ) is the most famous oasis in Egypt. Siwa is located on the western desert between the Qattara Depression and the Sand Sea. Siwa oasis is closer to the border of Libya “nearly 50 km” and considered as the most isolated location in Egypt along with Halyiab. The oasis has it is unique heritage and culture with about 33,000 people who are mostly descending from Berbers tribes. The locals in the oasis are called Siwian and over the history they developed and a unique traiditions and a distinct language of the Berber family called Siwi.

Siwa oasis has a magical nature with lakes, palm trees, ruins of ancient villages and the famous temple oracle of Ammon. Siwa is a popular tourist attraction for it is culture and desert safari.

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